If you are unfamiliar with Latin, then you may not know what, "ex-nihilo" means. So let's start there. Ex-Nihilo is Latin for, "Out of Nothing". God created this Earth and the rest of the world, ex-nihilo, out of nothing. He spoke life into existence using the words, 'Let there be" in Genesis 1. Could it be that we as humans were created with a "Let there be" spirit within us? Could it be that we were created to create, with what we have, for the sake of the Gospel? Could it be that worship isn't simply limited to the strumming of a guitar or the beat of a drum? We believe so. We firmly believe so. We believe our God is a unique God, therefore our worship ought to be unique as well. The Ex-Nihilo Collective is made up of the most talented, next generation spoken word artists who are passionate about creating transformative Gospel driven spoken word pieces and content to inspire individuals, further the mission of the Gospel all over the world, and cultivate a creative rhythm to the way the world views God, through the use of spoken word artistry. The Ex-Nihilo Collective consists of some of the most talents individuals, having worked alongside well-known ministries and artists all over the U.S. such as, The Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Fresh Life Church, Passion City Church, Liberty University, Ellie Holcomb, Passion Band, and many others. The Ex-Nihilo Collective tours nationally and internationally to serve schools, churches, conferences, festivals and more! The Ex-Nihilo Collective travels in groups of 2-10 individuals with the ability to write and preform custom to event pieces, as well as a selection of pieces from our repertoire of originals. 


Our vision is to cultivate a creative rhythm to the way the world views God, through the use of arts.      


Our mission is to raise up and develop high-capacity next-generation leaders to cultivate a culture of creativity within local churches and communities.